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Pearl Seiden Symposium

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Over the past few years, computational genomics has developed rapidly and produced important advances in precision medicine and therapeutic strategies, which in turn have expanded the physician's toolbox and improved patient care. In this conference, we aim to showcase recent advancements in cancer genomics, and the ways these are being translated in the clinics or will be in the near future.

The conference is aimed at an interdisciplinary audience of students, postdocs, and faculty from Israel and internationally. Its goal is to strengthen the interaction between researchers in the cancer genomics community in Israel and abroad.

This Symposium was made possible due to the generosity of the late Mr. Norman Seiden, who established a series of scientific workshops in honor of his children.
Norman Seiden made innumerable contributions to the Technion, American Technion Society (ATS) and Israel. He was the Vice Chairman of the Technion Board of Governors and the Honorary Chairman of the Technion Guardians. He served in every main capacity on the ATS National Board of Directors and was a constant driving force for the organizationā€™s New York Metropolitan Region. Together with his beloved late wife, Barbara, Mr. Seiden made countless gifts to the Technion, including the Barbara and Norman Seiden/New York Metropolitan Region Center for Advanced Opto-Electronics, the Norman Seiden Nanoelectronics Processing Laboratory and several academic chairs. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute. Mr. Seiden was the recipient of a Technion Honorary Fellowship (1979), a Technion Honorary Doctorate (1986) and the Technion Medal (1991).


The Student Union Building, Technion

In order to get in to the Technion by car, please tell the guards at the gate about your visit purpose - CCG conference

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